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1. Is Gatling FrontLine a Software-As-A-Service (SaaS)?

No, Gatling FrontLine, purchased in AWS Marketplace, is an AMI you pay on instance uptime basis.

Gatling Corp doesn’t manage the hosting of your Gatling FrontLine instance and the load injectors. Moreover, Gatling Corp doesn’t have your contact details and doesn’t collect any data from your usage, except the number of hours purchased, communicated by AWS.

The customer is solely responsible for managing the hosting.

2. What is the difference between your offers in AWS Marketplace and your on-premises offers?

In our website, we propose offers in AWS Marketplace and on-premises offers for Gatling FrontLine.

With our on-premises offers, you manage the installation of Gatling FrontLine and its components. Our offers in AWS Marketplace provide you with a deployment of Gatling FrontLine through your AWS account in just a few clicks.

Please note that other cloud providers are not available for your load injectors if you purchase Gatling FrontLine in AWS Marketplace.

3. I am a Gatling OSS user, is it hard to switch to Gatling FrontLine?

No, it is really straight forward. You are using the same Gatling simulations to run your tests.

Read our documentation to see how to configure a simulation in Gatling FrontLine


4. What kind of instance do you suggest for Gatling FrontLine?

We recommend a t2.large EC2 instance for Gatling FrontLine. For the load injectors, we recommend c5.large instances or larger, depending on how much load you’d like to generate.

5. Do the licensing fees include hosting?

No, the prices on our website don’t include the hosting fees, even in the 5-day free evaluation. The prices indicated on our website only cover the licensing fees of your Gatling FrontLine instance and the load injectors.

6. What does “the customer is solely responsible for managing the hosting” mean?

You only can control and manage your instances. Besides, Gatling Corp doesn’t have any information regarding that part.

It means you, and only you, must keep an eye on your AWS management interface and keep track of your usage and your fees.

We can’t refund you even if you are telling us you did not use Gatling FrontLine. We have no means to corroborate with it.

7. Two instances were launched at the same time but I only purchased one, why?

This is something that is misleading in AWS marketplace interface.

When you reach the following screen, it means that your Gatling FrontLine has been deployed and you can already access it. You don’t need to do anything else.

Gatling FrontLine in AWS Marketplace - congratulations screen

If in the “Choose action” select list, don’t choose “Launch from website” or “Launch through EC2”, because you will deploy a second instance and you will be charged for 2 instances. Please, note that we won’t refund you even if you unintentionally do so (see “Refund” section).


8. I am a beginner with Gatling, can I get help during my Gatling FrontLine trial?

Gatling Corp provide Gatling’s users with training sessions and consulting. Please contact us for more info and to get a quote.

9. Are the hosting fees included in the free trial?

No, you are being charged by AWS for the hosting fees.

10. Does the 5-day free trial stop automatically

No, you need to stop or terminate your instance at the end of the 5 days. You won’t get any notification from Gatling Corp to do so (we don’t have your contact details).

If you don’t stop or terminate your instance, you will be charged $3 per hour, even if you are not running a test or looking at your report (see Questions 3 and 4).


11. Do I get billed if I am not running a test?

Yes. You are being charged for instance uptime. You are being charged even if you are not running a test or looking at your reports.

12. How do I stop getting billed?

There are 2 ways to stop being charged for Gatling FrontLine:

  • either you stop your instance (which makes it possible to retrieve your data when you start it again)
  • or you terminate your instance (but you will lose your date).


More info in AWS documentation


13. Can I get refunds?

We have a 0-refund policy, even if you didn’t use our solution. Gatling FrontLine in AWS Marketplace isn’t a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) offer: it is an is an AMI you pay on instance uptime basis.

We neither control the hosting part, nor control your billing section, nor have any kind of live information, nor even have your contact details. Therefore, the customer is solely responsible for managing the instances and controlling the billing.


14. How do I configure Gatling FrontLine?

You can find some information in our documentation

Please, take a look at it before contacting us.

15. Whom do I contact for support questions?

There is one way to contact us: support portal 

Please send us your AWS account ID, since this is the only way for Gatling Corp to identify you as a customer of Gatling FrontLine in AWS Marketplace.