Discover the features that make Gatling the preferred load-testing solution.

Continuous Load Testing

Load testing as code for CI/CD integration & automation. Integrate Gatling with your development stack.

Dynamic Load Generators

High-performance load generators with up to 60,000 concurrent virtual users per instance. Simulate heavy traffic with fewer resources across our 10 globally distributed deployment regions.

No-Code Generator

Write load tests without writing code. Describe your user flow and the type of test you want to run, then Gatling Enterprise generates the code for you.

Private Locations

Combine the security of self-hosted load generators with the flexibility of Gatling Enterprise Cloud. Private Locations uses your infrastructure to generate load while using Gatling Enterprise Cloud to initiate and analyze your tests.

Detailed Reporting

Gain access to automated reporting for your simulations. Client-side metrics are crucial to understanding your load tests and improving your app performance.

Team Space

Collaborate with your team in real-time. Manage teams and permissions, create API tokens, and access your simulation results.

Public API

Customize reporting in your interface. The Gatling Enterprise API server exposes a public API that allows you to trigger simulations or fetch results and metrics.

Gatling Recorder

Load test your web applications and APIs by bootstrapping your simulation with Gatling’s recorder.