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Simulating heavy traffic

Gatling and Gatling Enterprise are load testing solutions for web applications. You can simulate up to millions of virtual users navigating on your application.

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Load testing as code for CI/CD integration & automation

Gatling and Gatling Enterprise are designed to be integrated in your software development lifecycle and to be used by DevOps organizations.

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API Load testing

Modern web applications are complex and interconnected. The transition from monolithic applications was driven by technical and business requirements.

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Automated deployment of load generators

The main pain of load testing is infrastructure. When you need to load test your application, you need one or several load generators, that will generate load, ie virtual users navigating on your application.

Boost your business

Response times reports

Load testing aims at improving your applications performances. Your app’s performance bottlenecks may be one of its features, one of its underlying technologies, its architecture or even its infrastructure. Load testing reports help you investigate where your bottlenecks are and test improvements.

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Collaborative interface for organizations and public APIs

Gatling Enterprise comes up with a centralized interface for your load testing campaigns. Gatling Enterprise is designed for all kinds of organizations, where performance is highly strategic.