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How SNCF Connect & Tech migrated their infrastructure to the Cloud and increased developer autonomy with Gatling Enterprise

"We first had a dedicated load testing unit working with another load testing tool, but we moved to Gatling Enterprise for two reasons: lower price and project autonomy"
Pierre-Yves Gautier - SNCF Connect & Tech
Pierre-Yves Gautier

Product Manager Observabilité, SNCF Connect & Tech

Part I


At a Glance

  • Lack of autonomy for developers with previous load testing tool
  • Migration of Infrastructure to the Cloud needed
  • Created a strong Community with Gatling to train developers to be more agile
  • Conducted Soak and Peak testing with Gatling Enterprise to evaluate performance and compare results
  • Successfully migrated to the Cloud with the help of hybrid AWS infrastructure
  • Currently, managing 120 terabytes of data per month
  • 2.5+ million website visits daily
  • 25+ million downloads of the SNCF Connect & Tech application 

About SNCF Connect & Tech

SNCF Connect & Tech is France's leading digital and e-commerce division of SNCF Group in the mobility sector, bringing together digital skills to serve their customers. Drawing on the expertise of over 1,000 employees in France, SNCF Connect & Tech designs and implements the SNCF Group's digital customer solutions. Its ambition is to innovate to make sustainable mobility accessible to all.

The SNCF Group with 270,000 employees and 41.4 Billion euros of turnover in 2022 - offers a full range of mobility solutions across multiple business lines. SNCF manages 15,000 train departures and 10 million passengers daily in 3,000 stations across France. 

SNCF Connect & Tech


Location: France

Industry: Transport

Turnover (SNCF Group): 41.4 Billion EUR (2022)

Employees: 1,000 (2022)

Metrics: 145 M tickets sold (2021), 10M passengers every day

Gatling Enterprise Users: 50+ developpers

Part II

SNCF Connect & Tech's quest for a developer-friendly load testing tool


SNCF Connect & Tech efficiently manage large network traffic, but with the increasing number of sessions/second and constantly changing government policies for ticket management, managing network traffic efficiently and continuing to provide impeccable customer service became their priority.

Until 2018, with their previous load testing tool, the organization's developers had limited autonomy to manage their projects. Testers struggled with transferring performance-qualifying processes to the project teams, relied heavily on the tool, and struggled to manage their teams, backlogs, tests, etc.

The organization searched for a tool specializing in load testing for developers that provides autonomy, regularly checks the application's performance, and enables them to migrate part of their infrastructure to the cloud without performance issues and with lower costs.

Part III

How Gatling Enterprise Helps


In 2018, they deployed a self-hosted Gatling Enterprise integrated with Maven to test how the application behaved when many sessions/second were open during the sale of online tickets. For 300+ projects, they conducted soak tests to assess applications' stability and peak tests to evaluate applications’ behavior when faced with high traffic.

SNCF Connect & Tech commenced their infrastructure migration in 2020 with the help of hybrid AWS infrastructure. Further, they deployed resources to build a community of agile developers with Gatling to support their projects through this infrastructure migration process and completed the transition process in 2021.

Part IV

Gatling Community Empowers Developers for Agile Load Testing at SNCF Connect & Tech


Gatling's Community within SNCF Connect & Tech created a knowledge base and boot camps around load testing. The community empowered 50+ developers to be more agile and autonomous. A trained team can script, launch, and run a simulation in less than three days. Also, the developers can now easily update test scenarios, generate several tests throughout the day, and implement an Application Programming Interface (API) for retrieving and comparing test results.

Today, SNCF Connect & Tech can successfully manage 120 terabytes of data per month with more than 2.5+ million website visits daily and 25+ million downloads of the SNCF Connect & Tech application, with low infrastructure costs.

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