Non-Governmental Organization

How a famous Non-Governmental Organization maintains a high-level application performance with Gatling Enterprise

"What I really like is the multi-injector feature and how easy it is. Just put how many injectors you want, and it will distribute uniformly or replicate the load in the different regions. That's really useful."
API Development Lead


Part I


At a Glance

  • Maintain high-level website performance for their international traffic, including business and government leaders
  • Avoid breakdowns or crashes during ticket sales of events
  • Implement Gatling Enterprise and conduct soak and peak testing
  • Simulate traffic from multiple locations using distributed load-testing with Gatling Enterprise
  • Compare performance with previous years using Gatling Enterprise’s run comparison feature and history dashboard
  • Manage 2000+ users per second on the ticketing platform during events

About the NGO

The Non-Governmental Organization was established in the early 1970s for Public-Private Cooperation with the headquarters in Europe.

The independent organization engages various leaders with political, business, and cultural backgrounds to enhance different industries in the public interest. The NGO strives to demonstrate entrepreneurship while upholding the highest governance standards and showcasing high moral and intellectual integrity.


Location: Europe

Industry: NGO

Revenues: $50M (2022)

Employees: 800+ (2022)

Metrics: 2,000+ users/sec. during event ticket sales

Gatling Enterprise Users: 15+ Software Engineers, 2 Performance Testers

Part II

The NGO's Ticket Sales


The NGO releases tickets for its events twice a year. With a global audience, including executives, industry leaders, and government officials, maintaining high application performance is crucial, especially during ticket sales. The organization has a microservice architecture, so many services must be tested to ensure their resilience. 

The NGO wanted to check their application’s resilience and stability during ticket sales to avoid crashes at unexpected times. To replicate significant international traffic, they wanted to be able to deploy load injectors worldwide. They also needed a solution to separate and compare results between runs taken months apart to ensure that performance did not degrade with software updates.

Part III

How Gatling Enterprise Helps Handling Peak Traffic and Events


The organization chose the Gatling Enterprise Cloud version to begin their distributed and realistic load testing in 2022 in integration with Jenkins. With Gatling Enterprise, the organization could simulate traffic from multiple locations and accurately replicate their real-life traffic.

The organization conducted soak testing to check the application's resilience and identify bottlenecks when there was a constant throughput and peak testing to ensure the application wouldn't crash when traffic surged during the sale's opening.

Part IV

Scaling Performance with Gatling Enterprise for High-Traffic Events


By integrating Gatling Enterprise, the organization continues to uphold its high-performance standards, avoid crashes during peak traffic, and maintain impeccable standards during its events for its users.

Currently, the organization is doing realistic load testing with 15+ Software Engineers and 2 Performance Testers. The organization successfully manages 3.5M+ website visits on a monthly average. During events, the organization reaches peak traffic and receives 2,000+ visitors per second, purchasing tickets and registering for events.

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