Customer Reviews

“In order to make sure interdiscount.ch was ready for Black Friday, we opted for Gatling Enterprise as our performance testing solution. It allows us to keep a history of our runs and to compare them easily. Moreover, the live dashboards are a real benefit as they let us see exactly when the website is slowing down during a performance test. Gatling Enterprise is improving our online revenues by maintaining the high availability of our services.“
Joel Rittener

Senior Application Manager, Interdiscount

"Gatling is the first external provider that we’ve worked with that’s been this focused on interacting with their clients which is very refreshing and helpful. Gatling takes the load out of Load Testing."
Justin Bedser

Software Engineer, ExploreAI

"Our job has been to ensure a high level of performance from Criteo’s tech stack and that’s why we chose Gatling. It’s been a real pleasure to work with Gatling and they have been very responsive for everything we’ve needed."
Sullivan Veres Criteo
Sullivan Veres

Senior SDE Lead R&D, Criteo

"Gatling Enterprise was crucial in establishing load testing as a core practice within our engineering teams. We saw increased load testing requests and performance metrics projects, leading to improved load monitoring, application reliability, and customer satisfaction. Gatling's team provided excellent support and flexibility throughout our experience."
Maxime Doucet

QA Manager, Aircall

"We did a POC and evaluated multiple tools. Gatling was chosen because it was developer friendly, could be hosted in AWS, allowed us to spin up unique injectors for each test, supported lots of concurrent tests running in parallel without impacting each other, and the Gatling Enterprise UI was easy to use."
Chris Winkler - Chewy
Chris Winkler

Associate Director, Software Engineering, Chewy

"What I really like is the multi-injector feature and how easy it is. Just put how many injectors you want, and it will distribute uniformly or replicate the load in the different regions. That's really useful."
API Development Lead

Engineering, Non-Governmental Organization

"We first had a dedicated load testing unit working with another load testing tool, but we moved to Gatling Enterprise for two reasons: lower price and project autonomy"
Pierre-Yves Gautier - SNCF Connect & Tech
Pierre-Yves Gautier

Product Manager Observabilité, SNCF Connect & Tech

"At the airline, we thoroughly evaluated various open-source load testing tools before choosing Gatling. Its simplicity, scalability, seamless integration, and extensibility, along with its code-driven approach, low resource footprint, and ability to handle high loads, made it the ideal choice. Gatling seamlessly integrated into our DevOps toolchain and offered comprehensive out-of-the-box reports, with valuable support from the active community."
Principal Architect,

Software Performance Engineering, Airline

User Reviews

“ Great product and great community. I really like all the flexibility that Gatling as a tool provides. Gatling Enterprise dashboard is extremely useful. And the best part is the community. I always get feedback in an insanely quick time.”
Marijana R.
Quality Assurance Engineer – Retail
“Best tool for Stress and Smoke testing. Gatling is a go-to tool for stress testing web applications and even smoke testing. The best part is the graphical results and web page output for viewing test results, statistically: 90% tests in 1 min or 75% requests response within 5 sec, etc...”
Swati A.
Senior Associate
“Gatling dedicated language provides a convenient way to implement load test scenarios - The ability to choose and mix the injector locations (AWS EC2 regions) is really great when it deals with a product used worldwide. Great real-time reporting”
Matthieu V.
Software Development Engineer - Test Computer Software
“Gatling is easy to use (even when you do not know Scala at all! I wrote tests on my first day) – Good OOTB reporting – Gatling Scala-based DSL allows to write complex scenarios, which are impossible with some other competitors (for example, unpack a protobuf response and assert its elements) – Impressive performance based on async Akka toolkit – Cloud managed solution is also available”
Eugene A.
I break stuff for a living
“Excellent tool. - Pros: Easy to get simulations up and running with easy to read reports that can be viewed in real time. Documentation is excellent with lots of information on how to set up and get the most from using the software. Excellent engagement from support team. - Cons: No cons that I found at present while working with the tool.”
Alan B.
QA Test Lead – Hospital & Health Care
“Massive scale, great customization, great customer support. The customer support has been some of the best I have come across. We required complex use cases for requests and gatling's DSL supported all the customizations we needed. Being able to scale and test load test at massive traffic (the main reason we opted for Gatling - we wanted to test at 1 million requests per second from multiple regions) has been amazing.”
Syed Ahmed A.
Chief Software Architect / Senior Software Engineer
“Best alternative for expensive load testing tools. Reliable results, ability to generate huge volumes of vusers, much more less licensing cost, small hardware foot print, cloud and on-prem options”
Ashok T.
“Easy to use for performance and QA Automation, initial setup is rapid and provides so many samples to start quickly.”
Omey Y.
Sr. Software Developer – Computer Hardware
“Immeasurable Performance. Gatling is one of the best tools to perform Load Testing. The use of functions like rampup, concurrent user load is very helpful to simulate loads."”
Amit Kumar D.
Consultant - SDET

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