How Interdiscount prepared Black Friday traffic using Gatling Enterprise

“In order to make sure was ready for Black Friday, we opted for Gatling Enterprise as our performance testing solution. It allows us to keep a history of our runs and to compare them easily. Moreover, the live dashboards are a real benefit as they let us see exactly when the website is slowing down during a performance test. Gatling Enterprise is improving our online revenues by maintaining the high availability of our services.“
Joel Rittener

Senior Application Manager, Interdiscount

Part I


Interdiscount’s journey with Gatling

At a Glance

  • Interdiscount wanted to ensure customer satisfaction and ensure no downtime during high traffic events
  • Implemented load testing strategy and integration with Jenkins to facilitate CI/CD testing with Gatling Enterprise
  • Discover application’s limitations and ensure resilience even during peak traffic 
  • Conducted soak and peak testing to ensure application performance 
  • Since integration of Gatling Enterprise, smooth management of traffic even during holiday season

About Interdiscount

Interdiscount started in 1966, is the leading omni-channel retailer in the field of home and entertainment electronics with the headquarters in Switzerland. The extensive range covers all well-known brands and current trends and innovations. Speed, enthusiasm, and the willingness to change are crucial so that the product selection always meets the customers' needs - of course, at the best possible price-performance ratio.

With around 170 branches and an attractive and user-friendly online shop, Interdiscount offers the densest network of sales outlets in Switzerland in the field of home and entertainment electronics and is also available to customers online at any time.

Logo Interdiscount


Location: Switzerland

Industry: Retail

Turnover: $282 Million + (2022)

Employees: 32,323 (2022)

Business Metrics: 2 million + website visits monthly (2022)

Gatling Enterprise Users: 2 performance testers and 10 engineers

Part II

Ensuring Holiday Resilience with Gatling at Interdiscount


As an omni-channel retailer, Interdiscount faces huge amounts of traffic during the holiday season. Events like Black Friday and Cyber Monday can create huge spikes of traffic that can lead to performance issues and website crashes. 

To avoid any crashes or performance issues, Interdiscount searched for a tool that would help discover their application’s limitations, maintain resilience, and ensure stability during high traffic seasons. 

Part III

Implementing Gatling Enterprise for Robust Performance Testing


In 2018, Interdiscount implemented Gatling Enterprise integrated with Jenkins to enable perform load and performance tests during the development process.

With Gatling Enterprise, Interdiscount began load-testing to determine their application’s bottlenecks. With soak testing, they ensured there are no memory leaks and with peak testing, they ensured the application's capacity to efficiently handle traffic even during the peak times of holiday season. They use Gatling Enterprise’s runs’ history to compare the performance of their application before and after deploying changes to the site to make sure they maintain equal or better performance.

Part IV

Seamless Traffic Management with Gatling Enterprise


Since the integration of Gatling Enterprise, smooth management of traffic, even during the holiday season.

Since Interdiscount began using Gatling Enterprise they haven’t run into any issues with traffic during Black Fridays or Cyber Monday and have been able to keep their site up and running even under strenuous traffic conditions.

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