Who are we?


As former IT consultants, we were committed to offering high-quality and crash-proof applications to our customers.

However, we weren’t quite satisfied with the load testing tools available: they were too complex to use in a CI/CD environment (Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery).

This is how Gatling started: why not include load testing as a fundamental part of the development process? Gatling, with its “Load Test As Code” approach, was born.


From Gatling to Gatling Corp

The developer community quickly adopted Gatling and integrated it into their development pipelines. Many users contacted us for new features and new protocol support.

We decided to found Gatling Corp and to gather a team to develop this open-source project and promote Load Test As Code.

We now assist our community with professional services and new features with Gatling’s Organization version, Gatling Enterprise.


A Major player in DevOps

Today, Gatling, with +20M downloads, is a major player in load testing, especially in the DevOps world.

A hundred thousand companies are using Gatling on a regular basis to improve their application performance.

We are committed to offering the best load testing experience to more and more diverse projects with our open-source solution, Gatling, and its Organization version, Gatling Enterprise.


Our core values

Innovation = autonomy + teamwork

The secret ingredients of Gatling’s innovation are autonomy and teamwork. At Gatling Corp, we seek creative people from diverse backgrounds who want to develop and share their expertise. This requires a high level of autonomy, commitment, and trustworthiness. However, autonomy creates innovation only if it is combined with teamwork. We strongly believe that autonomy thrives through communication, cooperation, and conviviality. We strongly emphasize proximity, especially between different departments, which is the glue of our organization.

Innovation + Ambition = Continuous Improvement

Innovation and ambition naturally lead to continuous improvement. Being innovative and ambitious in the long run requires us to be data-driven, constantly adapt, and automate to create value for our stakeholders.

Ambition = excellence + benevolence

Gatling’s ambition relies on the alliance of excellence and benevolence. Excellence means fine-tuning and being rigorous. But it also implies being accountable for what you are doing because performance is first and foremost about delivering to your team or your customer. Benevolence towards every stakeholder (colleagues, customers, partners) is a prerequisite for success. Promoting excellence only works through benevolent leadership and customer closeness.

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