How an airline implemented shift-left testing using Gatling Enterprise

"At the airline, we thoroughly evaluated various open-source load testing tools before choosing Gatling. Its simplicity, scalability, seamless integration, and extensibility, along with its code-driven approach, low resource footprint, and ability to handle high loads, made it the ideal choice. Gatling seamlessly integrated into our DevOps toolchain and offered comprehensive out-of-the-box reports, with valuable support from the active community."
Principal Architect,

Software Performance Engineering

Part I


At a Glance

  • Several challenges caused by performance testing at the end of SDLC
  • Shifted left and began testing earlier in the SDLC
  • Implementation of Gatling Enterprise for component-level performance testing
  • Gatling Enterprise becomes a key component in the agile shift left model
  • Fastest loading website among all airlines
  • 5 million+ users per day

About the Airline

The airline started in the late 1900s with two aircraft and currently connects the world to and from the Airline’s global hub in Asia. It operates modern, efficient, and comfortable aircraft, and its culturally diverse workforce delivers award-winning services to its customers across six continents every day.


Location: Asia

Industry: Airline company

Turnover: 100+ billion€ (2022)

Employees: 100,000+ (2023)

Metrics: 40+ million passengers in 2022

Part II

The Problems Faced by the Airline Company


The airline conducted performance testing at the end of the software development life cycle (SDLC). This practice made it challenging to implement software design changes, increased risk in performance testing, development delays, and unnecessary expenses.

Looking at this challenge as a value proposition, the airline developed a new framework to integrate performance testing in the early stages of the software development process. The new framework enabled developers to set up tests left in their CI/CD pipeline. With early testing, the developers could assess the performance of the feature and rectify it if needed. This means the poor-performing page will not reach the end customer or impact the airline's operations.

The airline deployed Gatling Enterprise to implement their new Agile Shift left model effectively. 

Part III

How Gatling Enterprise Helps


Distributed Testing, Real-time dashboards, and dedicated support from Gatling convinced the airline to begin component-level testing with Gatling Enterprise to implement their Agile Shift Level Model.

With Gatling Enterprise, the airline established a reliable performance testing framework for continuous testing in conjunction with Jenkins as a CI/CD early in the Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC).
Gatling Enterprise's load tests became a key component in their Agile Shift Level Model. The airline deployed Gatling Enterprise in EC2 instance and provided a web interface and APIs for proactive performance management to the airline.

Part IV

Improved Customer Experience and Increased Revenue


By integrating performance testing early in the SDLC and leveraging Gatling Enterprise, the airline’s team proactively identified and addressed performance issues, leading to cost savings, accelerated time to market, and improved customer satisfaction.

With the airline’s continuous implementation of a comprehensive approach with Gatling Enterprise, it became the fastest-loading website among airlines. Currently, the airline’s home page peaks with over 5 million daily visits.

Airline Company Page Metrics

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