Consulting & Training with Gatling

Expert Gatling Consulting and Training Services: Mastering Load Testing with Gatling's Products

Assistance and Outsourcing

Assistance and Outsourcing

Get Gatling’s development team on your side! Let us implement your performance testing strategy, enhance your testing processes, and integrate Gatling into your continuous delivery pipeline. We can help you with the following items (non-exhaustive list):

  • Definition of your performance testing strategy
  • Scenarios’ scripting
  • Scripts’ review
  • Design of your performance testing campaign
  • Analysis of your reports
  • Investigation in your environments
  • Custom developments (support of a new protocol, new features)
  • Gatling’s migration

With the help of one of our experts, in a pair-programming session, you will find answers for problems that are too complex or too private to be answered by our community.

Combined with our training sessions, you will become a load-testing expert and perfect your skills.

Performance package

We boost your load testing

​​Our performance packages include everything you need to start professionally load testing your application.  Our experts help you with everything from writing your initial scripts, providing reporting on your system’s performance and working with you in a one hour one-on-one handover session to ensure you’re comfortable running the tests on your own.

This package includes:

  • Crafting a defined set of initial tests
  • Running the tests with Gatling Enterprise
  • A report with the performance state of the system under test
  • A 1 hour one-on-one session where we explain the tests, reports and how to run them

Our goal: In a few days we want you to be able to test your system and understand the results.

Standard Training Program

On-site and Public Training Sessions

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