Load Testing
For Web Applications

Skyrocket your success with Gatling!

Load & Performance Testing

Don’t crash

Gatling helps you anticipate slow response times and crashes

Improve Time-to-market

Gatling detects performances issues and errors early in your development cycle

Enhance users’ experience

Gatling gives an accurate picture of your slowest users’ experience

Boost your business

Gatling prevents your business becoming victim of its own success

Test as code

Performance test as code

Gatling is designed to treat your performance tests as production code. Maintenance and automation are made easier.

Gatling integrates with your development tools: Integrated Development Environments (IDE), Version Control Systems, Build Tools and Continuous Integration solutions.

Gatling FrontLine

Industrialize your performance tests
Gatling's Enterprise Version

Advanced reporting &
Advanced automation

  • Distributed mode
  • New metrics
  • Live metrics
  • Trends


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