Gatling is one of the biggest open-source success stories in the testing industry, with +20M downloads. Starting as a side project, Gatling quickly gathered a huge community around the world: +200,000 companies are now load testing with Gatling in +100 countries.

Our mission

At Gatling we are committed to enable organizations to develop high quality and crash-proof applications.

Our ambition

Helping you anticipate slow response times and crashes & aiming to include load testing as a fundamental part of the development process. 


Initial Development (2011) 

Gatling was created as a response to limitations found in existing load testing tools. Its design focuses on ease of use, maintainability, and performance. The tool is designed primarily for testing HTTP servers but has been extended to support other protocols.

Open-Source and Community Growth

Gatling quickly became popular in the developer community due to its open-source model and its effective use of Scala's asynchronous capabilities, allowing for the simulation of massive user interactions with minimal resource overhead.

Introduction of Gatling DSL

The tool uses a domain-specific language (DSL) based on Scala, which makes writing test scripts straightforward and expressive. This DSL helped differentiate Gatling from other testing tools by offering higher script clarity and maintainability.

Gatling FrontLine (2017)

As the tool grew in functionality and user base, Gatling Corp launched Gatling FrontLine, a commercial version offering advanced features like enhanced metrics, integrated dashboarding, and administrative tools aimed at enterprise users requiring robust testing frameworks.

Expansion of Protocol Support

Over the years, Gatling has broadened its support to include various other protocols, such as JMS, MQTT, and WebSocket, catering to more complex testing scenarios and diverse technological environments.

Rebranding to Gatling Enterprise (2021)

In an effort to better reflect the comprehensive capabilities of their premium offering, Gatling FrontLine was rebranded as Gatling Enterprise. This change marked a significant update, emphasizing its suitability for large-scale enterprise environments as well as releasing new SaaS offers.

Continuous Improvement and Updates

Gatling is regularly updated to improve its performance, enhance existing features, and introduce new functionalities. The active Gatling community plays a crucial role in its ongoing development, ensuring the tool remains relevant and effective for modern load testing needs.

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