How an adtech company used Gatling Enterprise to enhance performance infrastructure

"Our job has been to ensure a high level of performance from Criteo’s tech stack and that’s why we chose Gatling. It’s been a real pleasure to work with Gatling and they have been very responsive for everything we’ve needed."
Sullivan Veres Criteo
Sullivan Veres

Senior SDE Lead R&D, Criteo, France

Part I


At a Glance

  • 250B+ HTTPS requests & 4B+ banners requests/day with a response to bids in 80ms or less
  • Upgraded to Gatling Enterprise to test performance for increased global traffic
  • <10ms to create an optimal campaign from 100M+ products
  • Creation of traffic to test throttling tool
  • Improved customer satisfaction
  • Approx. 50+ employees using Gatling Enterprise for consistent load testing since 2019
  • 10+ new projects with a focus on performance load testing

About Criteo

Criteo’s mission is to bring richer experiences to every consumer by powering the world’s marketers and media owners with trusted and impactful advertising.
We’re a global technology company that helps marketers and media owners reach their goals through the world’s leading Commerce Media Platform.


Location: Worldwide

Industry: Advertising

Turnover: 2.01 billion EUR (2022)

Employees: 3,500+ (2023)

Metrics: 5B+ ads/day, with 18k+ customers. Total 4B+ Product SKUs and over 3,500 product categories

Part II

Criteo tackling new challenges with international growth


With Criteo’s growth in the international market, the company needed to replicate its global traffic load.
Criteo also needed to know that its hosting infrastructure could handle increased traffic and how it would affect its performance.

Part III

Criteo’s improved performance with Gatling Enterprise


Criteo was convinced by Gatling’s promising results and moved to self-hosted Gatling Enterprise for enhanced parameters of performance load testing in 2019.

With Gatling Enterprise, Criteo began performing regular capacity testing to know its website’s limits and ensure its infrastructure could meet the users' needs. Further, Criteo began to test the response times of restful API calls in its throttling tool with Gatling Enterprise to ensure they could achieve its performance goals. One of the key benefits of using Gatling Enterprise was that it allowed the company to set up a distributed testing environment to accurately replicate global traffic.

Part IV

Criteo’s continuous success with Gatling Enterprise


Currently, Gatling Enterprise is being used by 5 performance engineers assisting teams with 70+ employees in Criteo.

One of Criteo’s internal projects was a throttling tool designed to protect their applications from sudden bursts of traffic. Gatling Enterprise was used to create simulated traffic to test this information.

With more than 35K+ servers worldwide, 250B HTTP requests, 130 Gbps, and 4B unique banner requests per day, the response to the bids is 80ms or less, 24/7.
Criteo can handle 4M+ HTTP requests/second during peak season. It takes less than 10ms to select optimal campaigns and build a product from a catalog of 100M+ products.

Criteo has increased the use of Gatling Enterprise for load testing, moving from 1 to 10+ projects with a high focus on performance testing.

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