Private Locations

Private Locations allows you to test assets deployed on your private network while meeting your organization’s security standards.
Private Locations utilizes your load generators with Gatling Enterprise Cloud.

  • Load test applications that are not publicly accessible
  • Generate load from your private infrastructure
  • Test isolated components in your architecture, such as microservices
  • Supports load generators as Virtual Machines (AWS EC2, Azure, and Google Cloud Platform ), as Docker containers on any Kubernetes distribution, including EKS, AKS, GKE, and OpenShift, or on your pre-existing servers (Dedicated Machines)

Many industries, including financepharmaceuticalhealthcare, and government agencies, have strict security requirements. Private Locations allows you to protect your company’s data and IP while benefiting from Gatling Enterprise Cloud’s feature-rich interface.

Private Locations

Deploy private load generators

  • With Private Locations, the control plane is deployed locally, and the load generators are spawned within your private network.
  • Gatling Enterprise Cloud handles the test configuration, package management, and data analysis.
  • Load can be generated close to your application to achieve low latency overhead.
  • One-way communication from the control plane to Gatling Enterprise Cloud increases the security of your application.
  • Learn more in the Gatling Blog.

Store your packages internally with Private Packages

Private Packages is an optional security enhancement available to customers using Private Locations on AWS EC2, AWS EKS (AWS-managed Kubernetes), Azure, GCP, or in the control plane file system. With Private Packages:

  • Packages are stored in an AWS S3 bucket, Azure blob, Google Cloud Storage, or the control plane filesystem
  • Only the test configuration, environment variables, and test results are stored in Gatling Cloud Enterprise
  • Customers can benefit from enhanced security with lower infrastructure requirements than self-hosted plans.
  • Learn more in the Gatling Blog

Private Packages makes the Gatling Enterprise Cloud solution the perfect way to load test your applications effectively and securely throughout your development lifecycle.


Learn more about Private Locations

Private Locations is available for customers with a Custom-level Enterprise plan. Learn more in the Documentation or by booking a demo:

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