Team Space

With Gatling Enterprise, configure your infrastructure and simulation, then launch a test as often as you want with just one click via our interface. Some of the interface options include:

Manage teams, users, and permissions

  • Invite or remove users from your organization
  • Edit User roles and permissions
  • Create and view Teams
  • Access Billing
  • Add and Manage Slack and Microsoft Teams notifications
Gatling Corp demo

New: Monitor Usage

  • Know how many monthly credits are available
  • See consumption by simulation
  • Track your usage over time

Create and Manage API Tokens

API Tokens are used to remotely configure and integrate Gatling Enterprise with your Continuous Integration solution. There are three permissions available for API Tokens:

  • The Read permission allows reading all the data
  • The Start permission allows starting simulations + Read permissions
  • The Configure permission allows creating + uploading packages and creating simulations + Start and Read permissions.

Install Plugins

Connect Gatling Enterprise Cloud with your CI pipeline by downloading the plugin and following the provided documentation links. Plugins and instructions are available from the Team Space include:

  • Bamboo
  • TeamCity
  • Grafana Datasource
  • Jenkins
  • Generic CI Script

Missing a Plugin your team uses for a CI integration? Contact our team to learn about sponsored and co-development opportunities.

Access Simulation Results

Whether you want to watch your simulation results in real-time or access the results of previous tests, the Team Space displays it all. Find detailed reports.

  • Share report links or PDFs
  • Analyze Reports
  • Zoom in or a specific test time interval

Learn more about Gatling Enterprise Team Space

Team spaces are available for Enterprise customers. Learn more by booking a demo or free trial:

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