Gatling Recorder

The Gatling Recorder helps you to quickly generate scenarios by acting as an HTTP proxy or converting HAR (HTTP ARchive) files. The Gatling Recorder generates a scenario that mimics your recorded navigation. Key functionalities include:

  • Certificates by Certificate Authority, Key Store, or Self-signed Certificates
  • Filters to remove requests you don’t want to record (e.g. .css files)
  • Headless mode provides the same functionality with the CLI

How it works

  • Configure the Gatling Recorder
  • Launch the Gatling Recorder and navigate through your application to create a scenario or multiple scenarios.
  • Add injection profile and setup details to your script
  • Run the Gatling load test locally or package and run with Gatling Enterprise
  • Analyze your results in the HTML reports or with Gatling Enterprise

Learn more about the Gatling Recorder

The Gatling Academy and documentation provide resources for learning to use the Gatling Recorder. If you want to learn more about using the Gatling Recorder with our advanced Gatling Enterprise features, contact one of our specialists:

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