New releases: Gatling 3.2.1 & Gatling FrontLine 1.8.1

  Gatling 3.2.1 & Gatling FrontLine 1.8.1 are out! Gatling 3.2.1 We are very pleased to announce that we have just released Gatling 3.2.1. This release fixes a few minor bugs. You can find the full release note on Github. Gatling FrontLine 1.8.1 You can find the full release note of Gatling FrontLine 1.8.1 along side the rest of […]

Gatling User Group in Paris – We’re back, at Station F!

The Paris Gatling User Group is back! Our last meeting was hosted by Critéo and we needed to find another great venue for this new edition: Station F! Save the date: 4th September, at 7pm! Register now! We did this talk during the Devoxx 2019 in Paris and it has a huge success! It was full and a lot […]

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Posted on 6 August 2019

[AWS Marketplace] Gatling FrontLine 1.8 is out!

Gatling FrontLine 1.8 is now available for AWS Marketplace users! You can find Gatling FrontLine 1.8 release note here! Here is our agenda: What is new? Did you know? Support & Free evaluation Migration guide from 1.7 to 1.8 What is new? JFrog Artifactory support   Gatling FrontLine is now able to fetch your load […]

Yet Another JSON query language: Introducing JMESPath support

The issue with JsonPath Gatling has had JsonPath support for many year, since Nicolas Rémond contributed it 2013 (thanks again!). We even went to the length of having our own implementation because we weren’t satisfied with existing ones in terms of performance and maintainability. Still, JsonPath suffers from a huge issue at its core that’s […]

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Posted on 31 July 2019

New releases: Gatling 3.2.0 & Gatling FrontLine 1.8.0

Gatling 3.2.0 & Gatling FrontLine 1.8.0 are out! Gatling 3.2.0 We are very pleased to announce that we have just released Gatling 3.2.0. You can find the full release note on Github. The first cool feature in this release in our brand new JMESPath support (#3743). JMESPath is a query language for JSON, but on contrary to JsonPath, […]