Five best practices to optimise your load tests

Reading Time: 4 minWhatever stage you are at with the load testing of your web application, being aware of best practices in the industry can greatly enhance your testing efforts. Here are a few of the best practices to adopt that will significantly improve the quality and accuracy of your load-testing exercise: Ensure your user […]

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Posted on 21 April 2020

Gatling Frontline 1.11.0 is out!

Reading Time: 2 minWe are thrilled to announce that Gatling 1.11.0 is out! In terms of new features, this release mostly targets Azure and Continuous Integration plugins. Gatling FrontLine should be available in Azure MarketPlace in a matter of days. That means Azure customers will be able to purchase Gatling FrontLine on a hourly basis […]

How to convert a LoadRunner scenario to Gatling open source?

Reading Time: 3 min  LoadRunner from Microfocus is a performance testing tool that has been in use for many years and is one of the most popular tools in the load testing space. Being a commercial tool, the initial purchase price of the software coupled with the cost of licensing for running tests beyond 50 […]

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Posted on 13 April 2020

How easily can I perform a load test?

Reading Time: 4 minIn the past, load testing was the responsibility of a dedicated team within the organisation (or a team of expensive external consultants) that had access to extravagant licenses for a suite of complex load-testing tools. With the adoption of open-source testing tools, combined with the explosion in cloud computing, this is no […]

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Posted on 7 April 2020

What is the best solution to shift-left your testing?

Reading Time: 4 min  Shift-left testing can be defined as “a method where testing is performed earlier in the development process”. The fundamental reasons for testing earlier in the project lifecycle are to discover problems earlier and subsequently to fix them quickly. By introducing testing early in the software development process, defects can be identified […]

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Posted on 30 March 2020