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After months of teasing and a lot of work, we are proud to release the 3.7 version of Gatling. This release brings major updates that, we hope, will improve your load testing experience.

Get all the information with our last webinar

For this major release, we will host a dedicated webinar where Stéphane Landelle, our CTO, will dig into all the new features and answer you questions.

If you can’t attend, here is a little summary. You can also find them in our documentation and in the full release note on Github.

JAVA DSL – Gatling’s going wild 🔥

Since its inception, Gatling has been using Scala for scripting tests.

As much as we do love this amazing programming language that’s Scala, some users have been complaining for a long time that the learning curve might be too steep, or simply that they don’t want to learn a new programming language.

We’ve heard you and today, we’re introducing a new Java DSL, alongside the Scala existing one. It can also be used with Kotlin.

Of course, the Scala DSL will keep on being actively maintained.

We hope you’ll like it and are eager to get your feedback!

New HTTP and Core features 🆕

New functions has been added and some others has been corrected. You can now stop injectors with a virtual users or do multiple checks at once with the promote of checkIf. All to ease your simulations.

As for HTTP, we worked a lot on WebSocket and Server Sent Events to add new support and possibilities, such as wsAutoReplyTextFrame.

All news comes at a price ⚠

Gatling 3.7 is paving the way for the future and hence deprecating lots of things (full list on Github).

In particular, please note that the recommended syntax for Gatling Expression Language is now #{} instead of ${}.

Also, as usual, Gatling minor versions are not binary compatible. Binary compatibility is only guaranteed for fixes. As a result, you will have to recompile any code used in previous versions if you want them to run on 3.7.

Finally, beware that the new version of the gatling-maven-plugin no longer compiles Scala code and you have to configure the scala-maven-plugin if you want to stick to Scala.

Check our upgrade guide to know more.

Upgrade to Gatling 3.7

Of course, Gatling 3.7 also implies that a new bundle is available! Download it right away and start load testing. We are eagerly looking forward to getting your feedback!

The Gatling team

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