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After a few months of beta testing and feedback from our users, the Cloud version of Gatling Enterprise is live! What’s in it? Why is it awesome? We tell you right away.

As it is, load testing can sometimes be tough work (even with Gatling!). You have to set up your environment, keep the solution up to date, and learn how to use it. And lastly, you are bound to your technical resources to launch simulations.

The main reason we decided to create a Cloud version of Gatling Enterprise was to remove the struggle to manage the infrastructure yourself. It doesn’t mean it’s strictly better than using a self-hosted solution, but it’s worth knowing about it.

Self-Hosted Load Testing vs Cloud Load Testing

Basically, the Self-Hosted and the Cloud versions are doing the same thing. They give you access to a powerful dashboard and reporting solution, along with a number of injectors and users capacity which may vary depending on the pricing plan.

The difference is mainly in the backstage. In fact, choosing the Cloud version means that you won’t have to install Gatling on your own servers, nor update it. We take care of that and give you access to the solution. You can then use it anywhere and anytime.

Also, you won’t need to manage the resources to perform the tests. The Cloud uses Gatling’s own injectors to perform the test, you only buy time credits to use it.

Ultimately, you have to take note of a few limitations.Gatling Enterprise Cloud won’t allow you to choose your cloud provider nor to use on-premise injector. You already can launch injectors from 3 different zones (Paris, US-East, US-West). We’re planning to open new zones very soon.
Depending on your system, it also can restrict your pre-production tests if your security is too tight.

Using the Self-Hosted or the Cloud solution is mostly a question of needs which can be discussed with us.

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What are the benefits of a load testing tool in the cloud

As explained, the Cloud version of Gatling Enterprise is more simple to manage and also to use.

  • No installation or update needed, you will always use the latest version of Gatling Enterprise.
  • Injectors provided – you only buy time credits to use them, thus allocating them as you want. ex: for 20 credits, you could use 1 injector for 20 minutes or 10 injectors for 2 minutes.
  • Connexion everywhere: as long as you have Internet access, the platform is available for you.

Easy to use and easy to start

We know it, on-boarding a new third-party tool can be a tiresome task. You have to discuss the compatibility with your own tools, the budget, the roadmap, all that with many meetings with sales representatives, to finally try to get a green light from the higher ups.

The Cloud version tries to simplify all that process so you can use a professional load testing tool in a matter of hours.

Ultimately, the Cloud proves to be more accessible than the self-hosted solution, a good opportunity to try a professional load testing solution while having limited resources at hand.

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