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As part of our monthly fixes, we’ve just released Gatling Enterprise 1.15.1 for the self-hosted version.

Gatling Enterprise 1.15.1 is a hotfix as 1.15.0 suffered from a regression in the Kubernetes/OpenShift support. It brings a revamping of the web interface and a rebranding of Gatling FrontLine into Gatling Enterprise

logo Gatling EnterpriseWhat’s New in Gatling Enterprise 1.15.0 and 1.15.1?

This new version ships lots of bug fixes and a few improvements, such as faster injectors spawning on Azure, a built-in command for gradlew and hardened resources destruction when a run aborts or crashes.

Please check the full release note for more details.

You can also download the binaries, including Gatling Enterprise, the CI plugins and the datasource for Grafana here 👉

If you wish to evaluate Gatling Enterprise, feel free to apply.

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We are looking forward to getting your feedback!

The Gatling team

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