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We’ve just released Gatling 3.6.0 and Gatling FrontLine 1.14.0, we hope you’ll enjoy them!

What’s new in Gatling 3.6.0?



One interesting new feature is the support of response bodies compressed with Brotli.

This work was a great example of open-source collaboration:


  • the original C and JNI code originates from Google,
  • Aayush Atharva built a cross compiled JNI wrapper named Brotli4j,
  • Our own Eric Molle built a Docker based compilation toolchain for Brotli4j to make it compatible with old distributions such as CentOS6,
  • Our own Stéphane Landelle contributed a decoder based on Brotli4j to Netty so that it could be used not only in Gatling but also in every Nettybased projects.

This release also bring lots of bug fixes, in particular on HTTP/2 support and Async DNS resolution. Both features now show very good results and stability and are past the experimental state.

Feel free to check the full release note for more details.

We finally want to express our gratitude to all our awesome contributors who helped with this release:​



logo Gatling Enterprise


Gatling FrontLine 1.13 of course brings support for Gatling 3.6, while retaining support Gatling 3.3, 3.4 and 3.5 so that our customers can progressively upgrade their tests.


Highlighted features are:


  • Weve improved the user experience when Simulation crashes on boot because of a user error (no more retries).
  • Users can now configure multiple subnets when deploying on AWS to cope with AWS insufficient capacity in a given subnet.
  • Users can now fully configure the Java driver, eg for encrypting connection with TLS.


Please check the Highlights and full Release Note for more details.

If you wish to evaluate Gatling FrontLine, feel free to apply there:
Evaluation request

We are looking forward to getting your feedback!

The Gatling team

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