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We are delighted to announce that Gatling 3.5.0 and Gatling Enterprise 1.13.0 are out!

Scala 2.13 


We’re very pleased to announce that we’ve upgraded our stack to Scala 2.13!
Scala 2.13.0 was released in June 2019, Scala 3 seems to be drawing near, so we’re a bit late to the party, but we’re finally here. Sorry for the long way.

Please remember that we only maintain one single release train, meaning that previous versions now reach end-of-life and we kindly recommend our users to upgrade.

Hopefully, upgrading should be pretty straightforward. Please check the migration guide and feel free to reach out on our Community Mailing List if you experience any issue.

What’s New in Gatling 3.5.0?

Appart from the Scala 2.13 migration, this new release mainly consists of bug fixes.
Please check the full Release Note for more details.

One interesting feature for Scala users is that we’ve started supporting Scala case classes in “Gatling Expression Language“ and jsonStringify, eg:

case class Foo(bar: String, baz: String)

exec { session =>
  session.set("foo", Foo("bar", "baz"))

One tricky bug we’ve fixed was related to sequential scenarios introduced in Gatling 3.4.
Children scenarios were not triggered when parent scenario didn’t run any virtual users.
Such situation can seem unexpected at first, but actually makes perfect sense when having a parent scenario to trigger some server side initialization that should only happen once for a cluster of injectors, eg with Enterprise.

Also, we’ve fixed the way lazy feeders using batch are loaded. We still verify on boot that the underlying file exists and has headers, but we delay ready the first chunk to the first access.

This way, you can populate feeder files on-the-fly from a parent scenario:

  1. create file and write column headers in Simulation body/constructor
  2. have the parent scenario write records into the file
  3. have a child scenario use a feeder withbatch option pointing to this file

What’s New in Gatling Enterprise 1.13.0?


Gatling Enterprise 1.13 of course brings support for Gatling 3.5, while retaining support Gatling 3.3 and 3.4 so that our customers can progressively upgrade their tests.

If you wish to evaluate Gatling Enterprise, feel free to apply there:



Then, this new release mainly consists of bug fixes. In particular, we’ve fixed a desynchronization issue harming long runs, so customers are warmly advised to upgrade.

Please check the Highlights and full Release Note for more details.

We are looking forward to getting your feedback!

The Gatling team

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