Welcome to Nawel!

Welcome to Nawel!

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The sales team is delighted to welcome Nawel Rahali!

Nawel is currently at the emlyon business school, which she joined after 2 years in preparatory literary class (CPGE “hypokhâgne – khâgne”). Nawel is therefore from a literary course, very focused on languages.

In her current studies she was able to set up a project based on open source technology and also discover code (HTML / CSS), application prototyping, and Artificial Intelligence.

Nawel joins the Gatling team for a 6-month internship. She will work within the sales team on the “sales development representative” part and on the “customer success management” part.
Nawel will also help our Head of Sales in the development of the commercial department.

We are thrilled and very excited to start working with Nawel, and we wish her every success.

Welcom Nawel!



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Posted on 4 June 2020