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We are very proud to announce that Gatling FrontLine 1.10 is out!

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What’s new in Gatling FrontLine 1.10?



We improved our multi-tenant support and added new sets of permissions in Gatling FrontLine. Now you can have per team admins to delegate admin permissions for a specific team.

In Gatling FrontLine, admin users have many roles, including the pre-configuration of the pools of load injectors (either with on-premises instances or on-demand instances with your favorite cloud provider) and the pre-configuration of your source repositories where your Gatling simulations are stored. The non-admin users can then configure and run their simulations.

In Gatling FrontLine, teams are designed to separate your different projects and the corresponding simulations. Teams are extremely useful if you have different projects using the same instance of Gatling FrontLine.

Another requested feature is that team managers can now configure the desired git branch in the simulation configure and override the default one configured for the git repository.


Now we have documented how to use Ansible playbook locally.

CI plugins and Grafana datasource

We added links in our Web UI to download our CI plugins (Jenkins, Bamboo, TeamCity) and our Grafana datasource.


More info in our release note, check it out:


We are looking forward to getting your feedback!

The Gatling team

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