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Gatling 3.3.1 and Gatling FrontLine 1.9.1 are out!

A huge thanks to our open-source contributors and to our Gatling Frontline customers for all their feature requests and feedback!

If you wish to evaluate gatling FrontLine, feel free to apply there:

What’s new in Gatling 3.3.1?



We fixed a few bugs and implemented minor changes. Please check the full release note for more details.

Also please note that we’ve released gatling-maven-plugin 3.0.5.

What’s new in Gatling FrontLine 1.9.1?



We improved our integration with AWS S3. Gatling FrontLine can fetch your simulations in your Git, Nexus or Artifactory repositories as well as in an AWS S3 bucket.

We also improved our integrations (for you load injectors) with AWS, Google Cloud Platform, Digital Ocean and Open Stack.

amazon web services marketplace logo      

More info in our release note, check it out:


We are looking forward to getting your feedback!

The Gatling team

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