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Gatling 3.2.1 & Gatling FrontLine 1.8.1 are out!

Gatling 3.2.1

We are very pleased to announce that we have just released Gatling 3.2.1.

This release fixes a few minor bugs.

You can find the full release note on Github.

Gatling FrontLine 1.8.1

You can find the full release note of Gatling FrontLine 1.8.1 along side the rest of the documentation here: .

This releases brings several interesting bug fixes for Kubernetes support. We also support OpenStack v3 from now on.

This release of Gatling FrontLine is available for our on-premises customers. It will be available for our customers in AWS Marketplace within a few days.

Looking for more info about Gatling FrontLine? Watch our 5-minute video:

Watch our demo


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