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Gatling 3.1.2 & Gatling FrontLine 1.7.1 are out!

Gatling 3.1.2

We are very delighted to announce that we have just released Gatling 3.1.2.

You can find the full release note on Github. Here are the most noticeable changes and fixes:

  • #3716 fix regression introduced in 3.1.0 on randomSwitch
  • #3726 fix UDP connections leak in perUserNameResolution
  • #3729 revert POST parameters order to Gatling 3.0 behavior, fix AWS S3 authentication

Thanks a lot to our contributors, in particular Predrag Malicevic who contributed multiple Recorder improvements!

Gatling FrontLine 1.7.1

You can find the full release note of Gatling FrontLine 1.7.1 along side the rest of the documentation here:

Also, Gatling FrontLine 1.7 is now available in AWS Marketplace. More info here:


The Gatling team

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