Private Packages is Now Available for Gatling Enterprise Cloud

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Sep 26, 2023 8:46:00 AM

We are excited to announce that Private Packages are now available for Gatling Enterprise Cloud users with a Custom-level plan using AWS EC2, Google Cloud Platform (GCP), or Kubernetes instances. Private Packages combine the enhanced security of your network while taking advantage of the flexibility and simplicity of Gatling Enterprise Cloud.

The R&D team at Gatling knows that our users want the flexibility and ease of use offered by modern Cloud products and the security traditionally available in self-hosted testing software. This challenge might seem nearly impossible, but we have developed Private Packages to satisfy most imaginable needs. We are excited for you to try the feature!

What Private Packages does

Private Packages adds a layer of security in addition to Private Locations, which we released in November 2022. As a reminder, Private Locations allows users to host load generators inside their network, while Gatling Enterprise Cloud contains the test packages, test configurations, and test results. With Private Packages, test packages can be stored in your network, reducing the amount of sensitive information hosted on Gatling Enterprise Cloud.


How Private Packages works

Private Packages is currently available to customers using AWS EC2, EKS, or GCP, instances for load generation since an AWS S3 or Google Cloud Storage bucket is used to store the packages. Gatling is committed to supporting our users with Cloud infrastructure. Please contact us if you are interested in Private Packages and use another Cloud provider such as Microsoft Azure.

With Private Packages, only upload your test configurations (System Properties and environment variables) to Gatling Enterprise Cloud. Your private network hosts the test packages in an Amazon S3 bucket. The load generators in your network pull the packages from the S3 bucket, keeping all of your packages separate from the Gatling Enterprise Cloud instance. After completing a load test, the results are uploaded to Gatling Enterprise Cloud for data analysis and graphical representation. The Private Packages option allows you to meet security requirements for even highly regulated industries.



How to test Private Packages

If you are a current Gatling Enterprise Cloud customer using Private Locations, Private Packages is an available option when configuring your control plane. To learn more about Private Locations and Private Packages, schedule a product demo with one of our specialists.