Sometimes, seemingly small things can make your life better. We are obsessed with making our users’ lives easier, at least for load-testing! That is why we are introducing Slack and Microsoft Teams test result notifications to Gatling Enterprise for cloud users.

Notifications alert you when one of your simulations is complete. They include:

  • The test start date and time,
  • Who started the test,
  • A Run success or failure message,
  • An Assertion success or failure message,
  • A link to the run results.
Gatling Slack notification screenshot

Microsoft Teams NotificationCustomizing notifications

Pick an existing channel or create a custom channel in Slack or Microsoft Teams as the target for your messages. Add your colleagues to the channel to notify them of completed tests.

Slack NotificationsActivating notifications

Activating notifications requires System Admin-level permissions. You only need to create an incoming webhook, enable notifications, and add the webhook to your Gatling Cloud account. We have you covered with a step-by-step procedure in the Documentation.

Gatling Notifications tab

Gatling NotificationsLearn more about our Cloud offer

Gatling Enterprise is a management interface for Gatling
that includes advanced metrics and advanced integration, automation, and dashboarding features. It’s the perfect load-testing tool for businesses that want to integrate testing into their development process.

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