It’s been seven weeks since we released our no-code interface to create and run your first test with Gatling in just a few minutes:

Since the 1st of August, we have had 5 times more than usual companies discovering Gatling Enterprise and successfully running their 1st load test! We didn’t expect such a great start for this feature. Thank you for your support!

We had a lot of positive feedback from you. But you not only wanted to run a simple test with a single URL but also to be able to build a complex user journey.

We are currently implementing a lot of your ideas. Here are the features we have improved so far:

  • Add up to 10 GET requests in your simulation
  • Add pauses between your requests
  • Choose the location of your traffic among 10 geographical regions
  • Unlimited virtual users (for customers only)

With only a few clicks, you can create and run a load test of users navigating on different pages of your website. And make it crash!

Looking for more? No problem! Feel free to share your feedback with us. Your ideas are fundamental to making our no-code interface even greater success.

You can also use our code generator to customize your test even further! We apply all the development best practices in the code we generate. You can then use our powerful SDKs in Java, Kotlin, or Scala to craft more advanced user journeys.

Waiting for your feedback!

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