The Gatling team is starting April by updating Gatling and Gatling Enterprise to their latest versions: 1.18.3 and 3.9.3. Fixes and new features for you to enjoy!

Gatling Enterprise provides ready-to-go certified images for your on-demand load generators on the following platforms:

* AWS (x86_64 and ARM)

* Azure (x86_64 only)

* Google Cloud Platform (x86_64 only)

* Docker (x86_64 only)


We understand that some of you might be eager to go use the latest Java features and improvements, all the more now that Gatling provides a Java API. Therefore, we’re introducing a new certified images option: “latest“. “latest” is a moving version, updated to the latest Java version to date, including STS (Short Term Support) versions. 

Moreover, as you now have the possibility to deploy kubernetes cluster nodes on ARM hardware, for example on AWS, we’re also introducing Docker certified images for ARM.

Still got questions?

The documentation is the place to be if you need answers and details to work with Gatling Enterprise smoothly.

If you can’t find your answers in the documentation or want to discuss this new update, join the Gatling Community! Fellow Gatling users and Gatling team members will happily try to help you.


Stéphane Landelle
CTO @ Gatling Corp

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