5 million downloads in 2022! 15 million in total since 2012, when we released Gatling 1.0, 10 years ago! 2022 was an incredible year. We’d like to thank our community, users, customers and partners for such an amazing journey. We’re just getting started!

Over the past few years, we are seeing a clear trend when it comes to DevOps: DevOps is now how the top organizations work in competitive markets. The ability to create a better user experience, build more robust applications, release faster and optimize resources is a valuable asset in all industries.

We believe that load testing helps you achieve these goals. We provide our users with continuous insights about their applications’ performances and limitations: “If you can’t measure it, you can’t improve it!”.

Last year, we saw a much stronger awareness of load testing among organizations. Furthermore, we realized that testing early and regularly in the development lifecycle has become a widespread prerequisite when choosing a load testing solution. Gatling is the perfect match for this expanding requirement.

Therefore, we focused on 2 priorities in 2022: Spreading the adoption of load testing and shortening the learning curve. More languages to script your tests, easier configuration and execution, combining flexibility and security for your testing campaigns, generating load from around the globe, more integrations… 2022 was a hectic year for the Gatling team! We’d also like to thank our community again for their continuous feedback and for helping us design our roadmap.

In 2023, we want to help you implement Gatling for all your teams and projects, and automate your tests: Stay tuned for exciting new features in the following months!

Furthermore, you won’t be alone: We are also growing our team and building partnerships all over the world. Adapting to your business and technical challenges is key for making the most out of Gatling. In 2023, we will be your top ally to implement your load testing strategy.

2022 was a great year and 2023 will be even better for Gatling and the Gatling community! We wish you a happy new year, full of joy, happiness, health, success… and load testing!

Let’s continue this amazing journey together!


Paul-Henri Pillet
CEO @ Gatling Corp

2022 Retrospective Full

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