Here it comes! Our first release of 2022. This month we updated both Gatling and Gatling Enterprise to their latest versions: 1.16.2 and 3.7.4. Fixes and new features for you to enjoy!

Gatling 3.7.4

This new version comes with a few fixes.

  • HTTP: fix in the Java DSL and correction of a bug with content-type
  • Gradle-plugin: Update transitive dependency of 2.17.1
  • Core: fix on the exitASAP loops

You can read the full release note here.

Gatling Enterprise 1.16.2Ā 

This version comes with 2 new features and a fix.

  • šŸ†• Report: you can now lock column headers when scrolling down
  • šŸ†• Pipeline: injectors can now listen to HTTP and instantiate the simulation in two distinct steps with distinct timeouts
  • Pipeline: stop waiting for node stats if node finished earlier than the other nodes.

You can read the full release note here.

Get the last version of Gatling

3.7.4 means a new bundle to install. If you use the open source version, don’t forget to upgrade!

Happy load testing

The Gatling team