Attention, this article is about an outdated version of Gatling.
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We are delighted to announce that Gatling 3.6.1 and Gatling Enterprise 1.14.3 are live!

As always, you have to keep in mind that we only maintain one single release train. Meaning that previous versions now reach end-of-life and we kindly recommend our users to upgrade.

Hopefully, upgrading should be pretty straightforward. Please check the migration guide and feel free to reach out on our Community Mailing List if you experience any issue.

What’s New in Gatling 3.6.1?

Gatling 3.6.1 brings several bug fixes, in particular:
  • case handling when overriding from the requests default HTTP headers defined on the protocol
  • unexpected WebSocket support crash
Please check the full release note.

What’s New in Gatling Enterprise 1.14.3?

logo Gatling Enterprise
Gatling Enterprise 1.14.3 also bring several bug fixes:Logo Kubernetes
  • several JavaScript issues in the web interface
  • a major regression in our Kubernetes and OpenShift support
  • a regression in non-US-ASCII characters handing
Please check the full release note.

If you wish to evaluate Gatling Enterprise, feel free to apply.

We are looking forward to getting your feedback!

The Gatling team

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