A feature for more secure load testing

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Nov 15, 2022 5:49:00 PM

Today is the most important day of the year for the Gatling team and the Gatling community. It took us months to develop this new feature. We even had to double the size of our team while working on it. We hope you will like it!

Today, we are very proud to announce to our +10,000 cloud users the release of Private Locations! Private Locations are the perfect combination of flexibility and security regarding load testing.


Collaborative innovation is our DNA

For many years now, we’ve worked closely with large organizations to help them spread the adoption of load testing within all their feature teams.
Innovation at Gatling has always been designed in collaboration with these organizations.

In 2017, we had 17 companies in our beta program for Gatling Enterprise. 4 years later, 125 companies joined our beta program for the cloud version of Gatling Enterprise! It is such an incredible journey, and we can never thank all our users and customers enough for their commitment.


Continuity is key

We believe that continuity is key to understanding the performance of your applications. 

Our focus is and has always been: How can organizations run as many load tests as possible? This is our answer: More testers, more testing time, more integration, more automation.

Our load-test-as-code approach made load testing easier and more straightforward for hundreds of thousands of organizations worldwide. With more than 15 million downloads, Gatling is now an open-source reference in more than 100 countries.

But this wasn’t enough.


Self-hosted, Cloud and Private Locations

We had to offer a solution that met all the requirements of large organizations in terms of orchestration, collaboration, and security. This is how Gatling Enterprise in its self-hosted, original version was born.

A few years later, we wanted to offer a complementary solution with a stronger focus on flexibility and simple implementation. Our cloud solution makes executing your load tests easier, with fewer resources and faster setup.

Since the release of our cloud version, we’ve had more and more requests for a solution combining the security of our self-hosted version with the flexibility of our cloud version. Private Locations are the answer.


How do Private Locations work?

If you want to test web applications deployed on your private network while meeting the security standards of your organization, Private Locations are made for you.

Thanks to a control plane deployed locally, you can have load generators spawned within your private network while using our cloud solution. This lets you generate load close to your application and have a very low latency overhead. The locally hosted control plane is also more secure, as communication is only one-way.

This new feature makes our cloud solution the perfect way to test your applications in an effective and secure manner throughout your development lifecycle.

Private Locations with AWS, Kubernetes and Azure


What’s next on our roadmap

Today’s release is only our first step toward building a new generation of load testing solutions.

Meeting your security requirements remains one of our top priorities. One of our next upcoming features will be the ability not to upload your simulation’s binaries on the cloud but directly in your Private Locations.

At this time, Private Locations support:

  • AWS EC2 virtual machines

  • Kubernetes clusters including AWS EKS, Azure AKS, Google Cloud Platform GKE, Kubernetes self hosted, and Red Hat OpenShift

  • Azure virtual machines

We want to provide support for other cloud providers in order to meet your requirements to implement Private Locations: Tell us what your needs are!

In a broader perspective, we are working on making our solutions more effective, secure and integrated while covering more and more use cases and spreading the adoption to all your teams.


We are looking for feedback!

Join us on our journey to better performance! Gatling has been built because of our users and our customers. We want to hear from you!

We hope to hear from you really soon; start testing with our Private Locations now!

We thank you for your support; stay tuned for more exciting news!

Paul-Henri Pillet
CEO @ Gatling Corp