2023 started with new challenges and opportunities. You know your goals, and are eagerly looking forward to discovering new ways of making your web application better, faster, stronger.
Your resolutions? To never be afraid of traffic and to make sure your website is ready for success. This year is all about performance.

Only one question remains… Where to find Gatling this year to help build a partnership that will help you achieve your goals!
Here are the four dates and places you’ll need to save to meet us IRL!

JFOKUS, Stockholm

Our first stop is Sweden. We’re thrilled to be a part of this event for the second time and meet more of our Java focused friends. Our team of experts will be more than happy to help you apprehend 2023 and your challenges to come. 

But wait, there’s more: Gatling’s CTO, Stéphane will give a Load Testing Crash Course, teaching you all the basics of load testing and performance requirements. 

Date: February 7th and 8th
Location: Booth N3, Stockholm Congress Center (Sweden)
Talk:  February 8th 9:00 (Room A4)


Next we’ll be heading to Germany for our first Javaland appearance. Two days to talk about JAVA and software architecture in the middle of Phantasialand, a theme park. What’s not to like?
Having fun and enjoying freedom while keeping in mind the secure software development behind the attractions: sounds a lot like our Private Locations feature.

Date: March 21st and 22nd
Location: Booth 410, Phantasialand Brühl (Germany)


Devoxx FR, Paris

We’re back to France in April for Devoxx France. How could we miss THE conference for developers in our own city? Last year was a blast, all thanks to you, and we hope to see some Gatling users there again! 

We won’t be too hard to find: follow the bubbles and blue hoodies.

Date: April 12th to 14th
Location: Booth 27, Palais des congrès (France)

EuroSTAR, Antwerp

Last but not least, Europe’s best software testing conference, also called Disneyland for testers: EuroSTAR. This will be our second new event of the year, where we’ll meet the European testing community, and hopefully some of you, to talk about performance and testing automation.

Date: June 13th to 16th
Location: Booth 5, Flanders Convention Center (Belgium)

Logo EuroSTAR

We’re so excited to meet our community at these events. Keep an eye on our Gatling Community space, and Twitter account for updates and feel free to share your feedback with us there. 

See you there, and keep an eye out for the second part of our tour!

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