Detailed Reporting

Gatling’s reporting tool auto-generates a statistical analysis of your load test to answer:

  • How long does it take for users to access your application
  • How long does it take users to perform a specific sequence of actions
  • How does the application performance change with increasing traffic

The core concept in Gatling’s reporting is the response time distribution, which reports the percentage of users who experience slow response times. Gatling’s reporting allows you to analyze your test results and display data-rich graphs to determine which requests are bottlenecks.

Detailed reporting with Gatling

Highlights of Gatling reports include:

  • response times
  • error rates
  • active (virtual) users

These data and statistical analysis can be used to investigate bottlenecks in your application. The documentation has more details on Gatling reporting.

Response Time Distribution - Response Time Percentiles over Time (OK)
Detailed Reporting

Get in-depth reporting with Gatling Enterprise

Gatling Enterprise produces detailed data analysis for all your load tests, allowing you to investigate and solve your performance issues before going to production.

Compare Simulations

Run comparisons help detect performance regressions over time and are particularly useful for users who have implemented continuous load testing.

Compare runs
TCP Connect Duration Distrib. - TLS Handshake Duration Distrib.

Analyze TCP connections and TLS durations

  • TCP connections are frequently a performance bottleneck. While response times are the primary focus of load testing, a common performance limitation is servers that cannot open and close enough TCP connections per second. Gatling Enterprise provides detailed TCP connection reporting.
  • TLS durations are an essential metric in application performance. Bot traffic and web scraping have led to increasingly complex Transport Security Layers, which can cause degraded application performance. With Gatling Enterprise, you can analyze the TLS handshake duration to determine whether or not it’s a bottleneck for your application.

Observe DNS resolutions

DNS resolutions: if your company has its own DNS servers, DNS resolutions are also a possible performance bottleneck. With Gatling Enterprise, you can quickly analyze DNS resolutions.

DNS Resolution Duration Percentiles Distrib.
CPU usage in percents

Monitor load generator performance

Monitoring the CPU usage of your load generators is essential to know whether slow response times are due to your application performance or load generator performance.

Learn more about reporting with Gatling

Learn more about Gatling’s Response-time Reports in our documentation, or book a demo with one of our specialists to explore detailed reporting in Gatling Enterprise.

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