After a long wait we’re finally back to attending events.  Devoxx France was the first in a streak of events we’ll be attending in 2021 and we wanted to share a bit of the experience and some of the impressive numbers that we saw over the week.

2 330

hat’s the number of visitors, including speakers, that attended the 2021 edition of Devoxx. It might not seem like a lot but it certainly lead to crowds at our booth.

In between the conferences we experienced wave after wave of visitors over 3 days, armed with questions, stories of their personal experiences with Gatling, and good vibes. Thank you.

crowded booth Gatling
interview stephane gatling


exhibitors were present at Devoxx. From Red Hat to Orange and our friends from Takima, we were not the only ones happy to see you again.

We had the best booth (objectively of course) but we can’t deny the creativity of some of our colleagues! Ippon even created a streaming zone where they interviewed famous people in tech, starting with our CTO and Co-Founder, Stéphane Landelle.


That’s the number of boxes of goodies we gave to friends and visitors over 3 days. We created a game allowing guests to win amazing prizes and had over 500 of you take a shot at winning.

Hoodies, t-shirts, bluetooth speakers and free months of Gatling Enterprise Cloud were up for grabs all week long. By day 3 we were happy to see Gatling gear worn by attendees all over the conference.

devoxx gatling

Presenting load testing

Between the conferences and handing out goodies like it was Black Friday, we also had the opportunity to present our latest innovations.

Gatling Enterprise Cloud Version was the star of the show but we also discussed every aspect of our load testing tools. Whether it was some soon to be announced changes to our open-source product, demos of our self-hosted product, or creative ideas for the future we were happy to take your questions and show off our skills.

With more than 2.5kg of sugar consumed by our team and a prime booth location next to the coffee table, we were more than ready to answer every question you could have about Gatling!

thank you devoxx

Thank you!

None of this would be possible without our community and great people like you following us. It was a great pleasure to be at Devoxx France and we look forward to having the chance to make new friends and partners at all of our events to come.

Our next events: Web Summit in Portugal and Devoxx UK. Stay tuned!

The Gatling Team

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