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« We experienced a ~150x enhancement in resource usage regarding test execution, bringing down our investments on load testing dramatically. »

Martin Heiland

Head of Quality Assurance @ Open-Xchange

Open-Xchange is committed to deliver the most scalable, modern and trusted web-based collaboration and productivity solutions to the smartest companies.

Our focus on multi-million user installations at the hosting and telco segment introduces a natural requirement on rigorous load and stress testing.

Using Gatling at our continuous integration workflow makes sure that regressions with regards to performance are spotted early during the development cycle.

Uncovering architectural weaknesses as soon as possible is invaluable when building complex applications.

Great flexibility, efficiency and integration

Gatling has very quickly replaced legacy load testing tools by providing great flexibility, efficiency and integration to our existing processes and test environments.

Removing some of the bottlenecks of API load testing allowed us to achieve more comprehensive and relevant results.

Combining those benefits and improved acceptance of load testing within development teams, led to a significant increase in software quality and customer satisfaction.

At the same time, we experienced a ~150x enhancement in efficiency regarding test execution, bringing down our investments on load testing dramatically.

Focus on integration

We’re using Gatling in combination with other well respected components such as Grafana, collectd, jmxtrans and InfluxDB to not only fetch and store load test data, but extract meaningful information which helps us optimizing our products.

The flexibility of Gatling allowed us to adapt load testing to both open and proprietary web application protocols while using a common framework to avoid costs of re-engineering functionality or test data for other projects.

Dedicated on-site training

Both the community and commercial professional services offerings were extremely valuable to support the transition and continued integration of Gatling to our teams’ daily work.

The response times and quality of support from the Gatling community were exceptional.

Dedicated on-site training sessions with our DevOps, Development, QA and Services staff helped to spread adoption, gaining expertise and review existing implementations.

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