You are nearly set!

Now what?

You just downloaded our open-source package, thank you again for your trust.
Load testing is close at hand. To help you in that exciting journey, here are some resources that could prove useful for your start.

Check our academy

The Gatling academy provides videos, quiz an certifications to help you improve and enhance your load testing skills. The first module “Run your first tests with Gatling” is perfect for beginners.

The tips of the doc

We often skip the instructions when we start a project, hungry to try things be ourselves. In that case, the documentation can be a good partner.

The Gatling documentation is full of tutorials, tips and technical information to help you start load testing.

Talk with your peers

Our community is strong and very active on many platforms, the first one being our Google group.

If you struggle with a specific problem, ask them out and who knows. Maybe our CTO will answer you directly.