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Self-hosted offers

With our self-hosted offers, deploy Gatling Enterprise wherever you want! You can deploy Gatling Enterprise either on your own instance or on a cloud instance, it is up to you! You can then configure the deployment of your load injectors for your tests either on self-hosted instances, or via your cloud provider or via Kubernetes/OpenShift.

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Self-hosted means that you manage the installation of Gatling Enterprise.

You can deploy Gatling Enterprise (the controller) wherever you want.

You can then configure your load injectors’ deployment with your self-hosted machines, with most of the cloud providers of the market (AWS, Google Cloud etc.) or with OpenShift/Kubernetes.

Configured simulations

A configured simulation is a ready-to-run test in Gatling Enterprise.

For this test, you can access a history (with trends and comparisons) of all the runs (ie executions) made for this test.

You can change and erase a configured simulation at any time and replace it by another one.

Unlimited testing

  • Unlimited Virtual Users
  • Unlimited number of tests
  • Unlimited duration for your tests
  • Unlimited users of Gatling Enterprise within your organization


You can configure teams in Gatling Enterprise to create specific sets of permissions for your Gatling Enterprise users.

A team can be:

  • a feature team
  • an application or a project

It is up to you to define what a team in Gatling Enterprise means for your organization.

Load injectors cluster size

A load injector is the component that will generate the virtual users during your test and send the data to Gatling Enterprise.

By load injectors cluster size, we mean the number of load injectors generating Virtual Users at the same time and for the same test.

Having several load injectors in cluster is useful to generate hundreds of thousands of Virtual Users and/or to do geographical distribution.

However, you are not limited by the number of load injectors generating load at the same time but for different tests.

For instance, if my limit of load injectors cluster size is 3: I can execute at the same time 1 test with 1 load injector, 1 test with 3 load injectors, 1 test with 2 load injectors and 1 test with 3 load injectors, ie 9 load injectors running at the same time but for different tests. But I won’t be able to run a test with a cluster of 4 load injectors.

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