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January 2020

Webinar #1: Introduction to load testing

24th October 2019

Your application or website recently crashed? You heard about load testing but you don’t know exactly what it is? You just started with load testing but you don’t know what exactly what to do? You’d like to hear about the best practices in load testing?

Attend our webinar and learn the fundamentals of load testing!


Webinar #2: First steps with Gatling

26th November 2019

You attended our first webinar about the load testing fundamentals but you want to know more about Gatling? You are new with Gatling but you don’t know where to start? You are looking for the best practices to craft your first Gatling test? Or already a Gatling user looking to improve her or his tests?

Attend our webinar and learn everything there is to know about your first test with Gatling!


Webinar #3: Crafting your first HTTP test with Gatling

19th December 2019

This webinar will guide you through your first steps with Gatling’s DSL to craft your first simulation.

Why should you attend?

– You attended our first webinars: “Introduction to load testing” & “First steps with Gatling”. Now you want to start testing!
– You are new with Gatling and you struggle with our DSL
– You went through our Quickstart and you still have questions
– You’d like to know the best practices to craft your first Gatling simulation


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