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What is the difference between On-premises and Cloud Marketplaces?

On-premises offers

With our on-premises offers, deploy Gatling FrontLine wherever you want! You can deploy Gatling FrontLine either on your own instance or on a cloud instance, it is up to you! You can then configure the deployment of your load injectors for your tests either on on-premises instances, or via your cloud provider or via Kubernetes/OpenShift.

Cloud Marketplaces offers

With our Cloud Marketplaces offers (available for AWS and Azure), deploy Gatling FrontLine within a few clicks! You can then configure the deployment of your load injectors via your cloud provider.

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What is Gatling FrontLine ?

Gatling FrontLine is Gatling’s official Enterprise version.

Gatling FrontLine is a management interface for Gatling, that includes advanced metrics and advanced features for integration and automation.



  • 1st release
    April 3rd, 2016
  • Latest release:
    1.13.4 (March 18th, 2020)

Clustering/Distributed mode

With Gatling FrontLine’s clustering (or distributed) mode, you can run tests with a large and worldwide audience.

Gatling FrontLine will deploy your load injectors, close the instances after the test and aggregate your results live.

On-demand load injectors

With Gatling FrontLine, you can deploy your load injectors on on-demand instances.

We support most of the cloud providers of the market: Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud Platform, Microsoft Azure, Digital Ocean and the cloud providers based on OpenStack (Rackspace, OVH…).

We also support OpenShift and Kubernetes deployments.

Gatling FrontLine will do everything: open the instance, close the instance after the test and aggregate the results. You configure everything through Gatling FrontLine’s interface.

Advanced reporting

With Gatling FrontLine, you can access your reports as soon as the test starts.

You don’t need to wait until the end of your test to get the first results.

Gatling FrontLine provides you with more metrics than the open-source version:

– TCP connections
– Bandwidth usage
– DNS resolutions
– Injectors‘ monitoring
– Trends

Continuous integration

You can integrate Gatling FrontLine with your Continuous Integration solution. We have official plugins for Jenkins, Bamboo (Atlassian) and TeamCity (Jetbrains).

You can trigger your tests, schedule them and get notified of any performance regressions.

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Public APIs and Grafana datasource

Gatling FrontLine‘s public APIs are documented on Swagger.

Gatling FrontLine is designed to be integrated with all your developers’ tools. You can also build your own dashboards with our public APIs.

With our Grafana datasource, you can build your own reports and combine your Gatling FrontLine’s reports and those of your monitoring or APM solution.

Enterprise-grade features

We designed Gatling FrontLine to be used at the scale of an entire organization.
Onboard your development teams in a single interface! Define teams and sets of permissions. Configure your simulations, your infrastructure and your integrations to let your users run tests in just one click.
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Public links, titles, comments & markers

In Gatling FrontLine’s web interface, you can add markersto your reports, give them a title, write comments and share them thanks to our public links.

If a run status isn’t succesful, you can access the logs.

What are the differences

between Gatling OSS and Gatling FrontLine?

Load Testing FrontLine
Multi-protocols support Yes Yes
Gatling's scripting DSL Yes Yes
Web recorder Yes Yes
HAR file import Yes Yes
Unlimited testing Yes Yes
Unlimited throughput (Virtual Users, Requests per second) Yes Yes
Cloud-based load injectors No Yes
Distributed mode No Yes
Colorful Reports Yes Yes
Response times, Requests and responses per second, Errors Yes Yes
TCP connections, DNS resolutions, Injectors' monitoring No Yes
Live reporting No Yes
History of your runs No Yes
Trends No Yes
Maven, SBT, Gradle Yes Yes
Jenkins Yes Yes
Bamboo No Yes
TeamCity No Yes
Grafana datasource No Yes
Public APIs No Yes
Management interface No Yes
Customizable reports (titles, comments, markers) No Yes
Public links No Yes
Multi-tenant No Yes
LDAP/S authentification No Yes

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