Load testing as code for CI/CD integration & automation

Gatling and Gatling Enterprise are designed to be integrated in your software development lifecycle and to be used by DevOps organizations

What is DevOps?

DevOps is a vast movement of change in the best practices of the IT world. DevOps aims at accelerating software delivery and improving software quality. To do so, DevOps promotes a deeper collaboration and integration of software development and IT operations.

Software development and IT operations were often seen as conflicting forces within IT departments: software development teams are steadily looking for new features, whereas IT operations are looking for stability. With integrated solutions for each step of the software development cycle (coding, building, testing, packaging, releasing, configuring and monitoring), the DevOps toolchain combined with collaborative processes is key in your DevOps strategy.

Gatling and Gatling Enterprise are designed for DevOps, to empower development teams to tackle performance issues.

What is CI/CD?

CI stands for Continuous Integration and CD stands for Continuous Delivery and, sometimes, for Continuous Deployment. The underlying dynamic between these three software development processes is automation. The differences between the three of them is the degree of automation.

Like DevOps, CI/CD pipelines are built to deliver software faster and improve software quality.

A Continuous Integration pipeline aims at merging frequently and regularly the work of various developers and development teams, thanks to automation. This often includes various kinds of testing (unit test, integration test, performance & load tests) to guarantee software quality throughout the process.

A Continuous Delivery or Continuous Deployment pipeline is the next level: automating the last steps of tests and deployments, for shorter releases cycles. Within a fully automated development pipeline, load testing has become key to make sure that performance requirements are met continuously.

What is Continuous Load Testing?

Continuous Load testing tackles the two main issues of traditional load testing: testing too late (when it’s too late to easily solve your performance issues) and not enough testing (making harder to precisely identify the performance bottlenecks).

This is why Gatling and Gatling Enterprise are designed to be integrated and automated in your development pipeline, to enable your development teams to implement a load testing strategy very early in your development lifecycle and validate all the commits with your business requirements. Our customers are able to reach the highest requirements in terms of performances.

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