What is Gatling?

Gatling is a powerful open-source load testing solution.

Gatling is designed for continuous load testing and integrates with your development pipeline. Gatling includes a web recorder and colorful reports.


Last stable release:
3.1.2 (15th May, 2019)

Number of downloads:
2,789,526 (1st March, 2019)

Apache License 2.0

2 Ways to use Gatling

1. Download Gatling's bundle

You can use Gatling as a standalone tool.

2. Use Gatling with your build tool

You can use Gatling as a dependency in your project. The Maven artifacts are deployed on Maven Central.

Merge the following code snippet in your pom.xml file.



1. Merge the following code snippet in project/plugins.sbt

addSbtPlugin("io.gatling" % "gatling-sbt" % "3.0.0")

2. Merge the following code snippet in your build.sbt file


scalaVersion := "2.12.8"

scalacOptions := Seq(
  "-encoding", "UTF-8", "-target:jvm-1.8", "-deprecation",
  "-feature", "-unchecked", "-language:implicitConversions", "-language:postfixOps")

libraryDependencies += "io.gatling.highcharts" % "gatling-charts-highcharts" % "3.1.2" % "test,it"
libraryDependencies += "io.gatling"            % "gatling-test-framework"    % "3.1.2" % "test,it"

Resources to start with Gatling

What is Gatling FrontLine?

Gatling FrontLine is Gatling's official Enterprise version.

Gatling FrontLine is a management interface for Gatling. Gatling FrontLine includes advanced metrics and advanced features for integration and automation.