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As former IT consultants, we were committed to offer high-quality and crash-proof applications to our customers.

But we weren't quite satisfied with the load testing tools available: too complex to use in a CI/CD environment (Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery).

This is how Gatling started: why not include load testing as a fondamental part of the development process? Gatling with its "Load Test As Code" approach was born.

The developers community quickly adopted Gatling and integrated Gatling in their development pipelines. A lot of users contacted us for new features and new protocols support.

We decided to found Gatling Corp and to gather a team to develop this open-source project and promote Load Test As Code.

We now assist our community with professional services and new features with Gatling's Enterprise version, Gatling FrontLine.

Today, Gatling, with +2,5 M downloads, is a major player in load testing, especially in the DevOps world.

A hundred thousand companies are using Gatling on a regular basis to improve their application performance.

We are committed to offer the best load testing experience to more and more diverse projects with our open-source solution, Gatling, and its Enterprise version, Gatling FrontLine.

Jan 2012

1st release of Gatling

Oct 2014

Gatling 2

July 2015

Gatling Corp is founded

April 2016

Release of Gatling FrontLine

Sept 2018


Oct 2018

Gatling 3

Our Team

Cédric Cousseran
Cédric Cousseran
Full Stack Developer
Stéphane Landelle
Stéphane Landelle
CTO and co-founder
Guillaume Corré
Guillaume Corré
Tristan Méneret
Tristan Méneret
Head of Sales
Alexandre Chaouat
Alexandre Chaouat
Back-End Developer
Paul-Henri Pillet
Paul-Henri Pillet
CEO and co-founder
Thomas Grenier
Thomas Grenier
Front-End Developer
Ludivine Poisson
Ludivine Poisson
Sales & Marketing Trainee

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Our Partners

Takima - Mastering Technology

Takima is a French IT consulting company. Takima focuses on delivering high-scale web applications and promotes development best practices with an emphasis on performance and robustness. More info: takima.fr

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