Gatling Enterprise 1.16 Highlights

Gatling Enterprise 1.16 introduces a redesign of the application and a new public API

Gatling Enterprise 1.16

Gatling 3.7 Support

Gatling 3.7 is the latest generation of Gatling.

It introduces many features, including a Java DSL that can also be used with other languages such as Kotlin.

Java 17 Certified Images

Java 17 is the latest Java LTS (Long Term Support) version.

We now provide Java 17 based certified images for AMI, Azure, GCE and Docker.

ARM Support

We now support deploying Gatling Enterprise components including injectors on ARM based servers.

On AWS, we also provide an ARM based certified image for Java 17 only, that’s automatically picked based on the family of the instance type you’ve configured in your pool, eg c6g.xlarge.

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