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A Tech Company

Cutting-edge technologies are at the core of Gatling. Working for Gatling is a never-ending journey of tech challenges.

A Fast-Growing Startup

Gatling Corp was created in 2015 to fund the open-source project Gatling and create new projects, like Gatling FrontLine.

A Worldwide Community

Our open-source community is growing more and more everyday and help us spread the word about load testing best practices in all kinds of organizations.

You are a Software Engineer?

Gatling Corp is looking for Software Engineers to develop the open-source project Gatling and its Enterprise Version, Gatling FrontLine. Our development team uses the following technologies and frameworks: Scala, Akka, Netty, React, Redux, Cassandra.

You are a Business Developer?

Gatling Corp is a fast-growing company. Load testing is a challenge for all kinds of companies (startups and large groups) from all sectors all over the world. Help us build an open-source tech champion!

You are a CxO looking for a new challenge?

This is just the beginning for Gatling Corp! If you are a talented COO, CMO, CFO... looking for a new challenge, we may have something for you! Contact us now!