Special offers for AWS customers

Already a Gatling user? Do you want to upgrade to our Enterprise version, Gatling FrontLine?

Do you want to integrate your Gatling tests in your CI/CD? Or just do you want to run your test with a cluster of load injectors?

Check out our offers below! They are all available in AWS Marketplace.

What is Gatling FrontLine?

Gatling FrontLine is Gatling's official Enterprise version.

Gatling FrontLine is a management interface for Gatling, that includes advanced metrics and advanced features for integration and automation.

What is AWS Marketplace?

In AWS Marketplace, you can find all the solutions you need to build your applications and deploy them within a few clicks.

gatling frontline available on aws marketplace


Load Testing

Unlimited testing
Distributed Mode
1 load injector
1 configured simulation

$3/ hour


Load Testing

Unlimited testing
Distributed Mode
3 load injectors in cluster
3 configured simulations

$9/ hour

or $5,400/ year


Load Testing

Unlimited testing
Distributed Mode
Unlimited load injectors in cluster
Unlimited configured simulations

$19/ hour