Collaborative interface for organizations and public APIs

Gatling Enterprise comes up with a centralized interface for your load testing campaigns. Gatling Enterprise is designed for all kinds of organizations, where performance is highly strategic.

Load testing involves various shareholders: testers running load tests, developers crafting simulations, Ops managing the infrastructure, Marketing teams sharing knowledge about users’ behaviors, Communication department planning operations leading to high-volume traffic, top management defining the performance requirements etc.

With Gatling Enterprise, we are designing a place where all these shareholders can interact at every step of your load testing campaigns, whatever the organization of your company:

  • Configuration of the required infrastructure
  • Crafting of the simulations
  • Defining the type of tests
  • Defining the performance requirements
  • Running the tests
  • Exporting the test’ results
  • Analyzing the test’ results
  • Integrating the tests within your development pipeline
  • Automating the load testing campaigns

In Gatling Enterprise, once the infrastructure and the simulation have been configured, a test can be launched as many times as you want within just on click via our interface, or thanks to our public APIs.

You can also configure your integrations via our interface or thanks to our public APIs. You can also build your own reporting system via our APIs or build your Grafana dashboard with our Grafana datasource. This is very useful if you wish to have on the same dashboard your load testing data and your monitoring metrics. This makes investigation much easier.

Gatling Enterprise has a multitenant support and also supports LDAP/S authentification and OpenID connect. Gatling Enterprise lets you manage at the scale of your entire organization your users and their permissions.