Realtime Monitoring

Analyze reports metrics as it is happening


By default, Gatling only provides live feedback in the console output, and generates static HTML reports.

Gatling Enterprise

Gatling Enterprise, formerly known as Gatling FrontLine, is a management interface for Gatling, that includes advanced metrics and advanced features for integration and automation.

Amongst other features like clustering support, MQTT support, advanced integration with CI tools (Jenkins, TeamCity and Bamboo) and with Grafana, Gatling Enterprise offers enterprise-grade realtime monitoring and metrics persistence.

Gatling Enterprise

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Graphite Integration

Gatling can export live metrics over the Graphite plaintext protocol.

In your gatling.conf, you have to add the graphite to the data writers and specify the target host:

gatling {
  data {
    writers = [console, file, graphite]

    graphite {
      host = "localhost"
      port = 2003
      #light = false              # only send the all* stats
      #protocol = "tcp"           # the protocol used to send data to Carbon (currently supported: "tcp", "udp")
      #rootPathPrefix = "gatling" # the root prefix of the metrics
      #bufferSize = 8192          # internal data buffer size, in bytes
      #writePeriod = 1            # write period, in seconds

Gatling will send the following metrics:

// percentilesXX: XX is the value defined in gatling.conf under percentile(1|2|3|4)

Please check your tool of choice’s documentation, eg:

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